Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Download Aptoide Beta Apk For Free Android

So Guys Here I am going to talk about one of the best Independent App stores in the world. This is the Aptoide App store. Whether I do not know you, Either used Aptoide App Store or Not, but Aptoide app is the fastest growing App Store and the best alternative of the Google Play. In this article, I am going to talk about the beta version of Aptoide App store. Beta Version is the initial release of an application before the official launch for some selected users. By the beta, user company gets reviews and performance report of the application from that selected users.

But before knowing about the beta version of the application you should need to know about the Aptoide Application and it's some special features. Because Without Knowing the basic of the app or anything it should not be right that we share something about that thing. Aptoide App store is launched for providing the free application for the Android users as same as Google Play but because of its user-friendly policies and services, it's not become a top competitor of big giants like Google and giving tough competition to Google Play Store.
The first version of the Aptoide Application has been launched in the year 2009. And in the year 2011, Aptoide Application has launched as a By-Product by CM- Software Company. This app store was made the company for providing the best Independent App store. And presently Aptoide App is growing as the most powerful competitor of Google Play. By reading this complete Article, You can know each and Every Detail about the Aptoide App Store. Even If you Do not Know that How To Download and Install Aptoide App Store for free on Android device or If you want to Know about the best version of Aptoide App store for Slow Internet Connection and older version of the operating systems.  
If you want to know all the above details of Aptoide App Store, then you are at the best place on my this website I have written About the Aptoide App For Android and the Aptoide lite and In this article, I am sharing about the Aptoide App Beta Version Download and Install. Aptoide app is growing tremendously and now is providing more than 6,00,000 Applications on the Aptoide app store and all the apps and games are extremely free. If you want to know more about the Aptoide, then take a look at the features of Aptoide app which I am going to share here.

Aptoide App Features

Aptoide Beta
  • Aptoide App is now providing more that 6,00,000 application and become second largest app store after the google play store.
  • All the Application and games are free on the Aptoide app store; you can download all applications for free whether its free or paid on the Google Play.
  • If you want to download this application, then you can download it from the official website of Aptoide store because this application is not available on the Google Play.
  • Aptoide store is available 100% free in all the countries, No restriction for any user of any country whether Many Applications are not available because of the country level restrictions on the google play store.
  • This is the largest Independent App store which provides free applications.
  • It also provides the feature to create your app store where you can upload your apps and can sell them. If you are a developer, then this features is amazing for you.
  • Aptoide App store provided notification when any app which is using got updated from the developer of the application. By this feature, you can download the latest version of the application which you are using and also there is a feature by that you can automatically update your applications and games when it got an update.
  • The Applications on the Aptoide is well categorized and by this features, you can find any app easily for which you want to use and also Aptoide provides applications for all genre.
  • Security of Aptoide app store is very good. Aptoide app store created in Java language because of it the security of the Aptoide App is high whether when we try any other app store instead of Google play, then the biggest problem which we faced is security.

Friend After knowing these features, we can say that Aptoide is the best alternative to Google play. Google Play is best for android user mostly for those users who are looking for an alternative to google play store because of some irritating policies of the Google play store.

About Aptoide Beta Apk

When a developer of the application new application or a big update happen for any application, then developer provide an early version before the launching of an App for some selected users and get feedback about the latest version this version is Beta Version of Application. By this version, the developer can get reviews of performance and also can get issues related to the application from the users. By this way, they can find if there is any bug in the application before the official launching of the main version of the application. The owner of the Aptoide store also released the beta version of the optode app store before the first launch of the application and also they release the early Aptoide App Beta version before the provides any updates on the app store.
Aptoide App
The first version of Aptoide app store has been launched in the year 2008, as we know that Beta version released with almost all the features of the main application. After releasing the beta version of Aptoide app in the year 2008, they tested this application for one year. In this whole year, the whole team of Aptoide fixed the bugs of the Aptoide application. The Aptoide beta version has been launched with all the features in limited people's Group and Aptoide get feedback from them time to time.After many updates in the Beta version, the Aptoide main Application has been launched on its official website.

Aptoide Beta Apk For Android for Free

As I have told you that I will share each and every knowledge about the Aptoide app store.And here I am sharing because I want that if you are going to use any application then, you should know each and everything about that application. Now here I will discuss the Aptoide App Beta version for Android. Aptoide beta version has launched for the mobile phones only because we know that most of the people use applications on the Smartphones. 

But if you want to use Aptoide Application on Pc then I will write a guide for users that How can they use Aptoide App for PC. When the beta version of Application has been launched the people heard that this application will provide paid application for free, and thus news, create a massive publicity for Aptoide application. And when it launched people get the same as promised at the time of launching of Beta version.

After that, the downloads of Aptoide app increase rapidly and fast and the user got a new experience by using paid application for free and by this way Aptoide App Store become the most popular competitor of Google Play.

Download Aptoide App for Android

So after Knowing these extra ordinary features of the application if you want to use this application then, you should download aptoide Application. As I mentioned earlier that we can't download aptoide app store from Google Play. 
Aptoide Download
  • You will need to Download it from the Official Website. On Official Site, you will get the Aptoide.Apk file with the latest update.
  • You Should Install it on Your device by clicking on the Aptoide.Apk file.
  • Now wait for some time and follow the instructions because it will take a few minutes in installing the Aptoide app.
  • Now the icon of Aptoide app is on your home screen you can click on the icon and can use the largest Independent App store on you Android Mobile with more than 6'00'000 free applications and Games. 
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