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Cookie Clicker Game – Wiki, Achievements, Upgrades, Unblocked, Classic, Beta

Cookie clicker Wiki

Cookie is one of most highly played games on the web that has acquired millions of fans, if you are one among them and want to know why this Cookie clicker game had become that much success then cheers, you are at the right place because in our Cookie clicker Wiki section we have updated almost all the information regarding strategies, achievements and in addition to that we will be introducing you the best resource for the fans of cookie clicker on the Internet right from the beginning, so before getting too late lets dive in to details. liteblue You can Login this Website using the Given Libk.

cookie clicker
cookie clicker wiki

What is cookie clicker?

The main point of this game is to make delicious cookies by simply splitting the giant cookie into smaller ones until you get enough gold or money to buy your upgrades for the next level. Importantly this is an endless game so you can maintain your relationship for a long time. is one of the best Tutu App related Website.

When was Cookie clicker game released?

Cookie clicker is a javascript game that has no complications at all as the most widely used platform Java can be run on almost all devises which made it more special, this extraordinary game was released on August 10th 2013 by Orteil company. Almost it’s been 4 years from the date of launching this game but still, its fan base was never reduced.FoxFi Key Apk enables WiFi Hotspot on your Android phone. It does not require any tethering plan or rooting.

Cookie clicker Game plot

The game plot is like the most crucial part of any game so you should surely check it out before taking action. Well, this is an incremental game. So you need to unlock game achievements by buying new packages

Frequently asked questions on Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker wiki section is always loaded with hell lot of information that will always be ready to help you to solve your issues in cookie clicker. Continue reading this article for more details.

Will I lose my progress if I close Cookie Clicker/my browser?

No, if you can enable the auto save option. You won’t lose your game.

I think I found a bug in Cookie Clicker, now what?

You can resolve this issue by taking this to customer service of cookie clicker.

Is there a Cookie Clicker mobile app?

The free Cookie clicker android Apk download file is available in the play store. Cookie clicker app is also available in app store for iPhone users.

I feel like reading the cookie clicker Wiki would spoil the surprise of the game’s content, so what reason is there to spoil it?

No, we won’t spoil surprise of the game. So, you can happily surf this blog.

Why do I feel like the cookie clicker game is progressing slowly?

You can restart your PC and check it again. It does work

How does cookie clicker ascending work?

Keep on reading this article for Cookie Clicker ascending work. We have described in much detail.

How many cookie clicker Heavenly chips should I wait for before ascending for the first time?

Cookie clicker heavenly chips are found before ascending for the first time. Click on the link below to get cookie clicker heavenly chips.

After that, In cookie clicker when should I ascend?

The best time to ascend in cookie clicker varies with respect to your game performance.

Does ascending reset the amount of golden cookies I’ve clicked?

The amount of golden cookies in cookie clicker ascending can be reset.

When is the next update of cookie clicker game?

We will update it soon once the Cookie Clicker latest version free download is available on the web.

Any tips on what I should do/buy next in cookie clicker?

Mind your game on each game, you will clearly understand the next thing you will buy in cookie clicker.

I started recently and don’t know what I’m doing in cookie clicker…?

Start playing cookie clicker continuously, you will understand your game.

How accurate are all these calculators of cookie clickers? I don’t really trust them.

Yes cookie clicker calculators may not be perfect always, but useful.

Are there mods for Cookie Clicker?

There are lot of mods in cookie clicker

Is it safe to buy One Mind/Communal Brainsweep/Elder Pact?

Communal brainsweep cookie clicker can buy from official websites. You can buy this buy cards and net banking.

When should I stop using wrath cookies and switch back to golden?

You can buy this at any point based on the necessary.

Is ______ considered cheating in cookie clicker?

NO, we don’t need to worry about it. It’s not cheating.

What is this chaining of golden cookies people are talking about?

Chaining of golden cookies in cookie clicker will enhance your strength in the game.

What are the updates of cookie clicker and when were they released?

Latest update of cookie clicker was released on February 8th 2017 the latest update of cookie clicker was released. Here is the complete table which you can check for more details.

VersionNameDate of releaseUpdate Details
2.00424 more years2017-08-08§  new building : Changemakers
§  new milk, new kittens, new dragon aura, new cookie, new upgrade tier
§  buffs no longer affect offline CpS
§  Godzamok’s hunger was made less potent (this is a nerf, very sorry)
§  grimoire spell costs and maximum magic work differently
§  Spontaneous Edifice has been reworked
§  changed unlock levels and prices for some cursor upgrades
§  fixed buggy pantheon slots, hopefully
§  fixed “Legacy started a long while ago” showing as “a few seconds ago”
§  Cookie Clicker just turned 4. Thank you for sticking with us this long!
2.0034the spiritual update2017-07-15§  implemented sugar lumps, which start coalescing if you’ve ascended at least once and can be used as currency for special things
§  buildings can now level up by using sugar lumps in the main buildings display, permanently boosting their CpS
§  added two new features unlocked by levelling up their associated buildings, Temples and Wizard towers; more building-related minigames will be implemented in the future
§  active buffs are now saved
§  the background selector upgrade is now functional
§  the top menu no longer scrolls with the rest
§  timespans are written nicer
Dragonflights now tend to supercede Click frenzies, you will rarely have both at the same time
some old bugs were phased out and replaced by new ones
2.0033 betabeta patches2017-07-14§  minigames now export and import correctly
§  Cyclius effect now between -15% and +15% CpS, up from -10% and +10%
§  Selebrak makes season switcher pricier
§  Jeremy golden cookie rarity +10%/6%/3%, down from +15%/10%/5%
§  Muridal now also lowers building CpS by 3%/2%/1%
§  Conjure baked goods has been reworked to be not so ridiculous
§  Four-leaf cookie is now a shadow achievement
§  Dragonflights now supercede Click frenzies, you cannot have both at the same time
2.0032 betathe spiritual update2017-07-07§  implemented sugar lumps, which start coalescing if you’ve ascended at least once and can be used as currency for special things
§  buildings can now level up using sugar lumps, permanently boosting their CpS
§  added two new minigames unlocked by levelling up their associated buildings, Temples and Wizards towers; more minigames will be implemented in the future
§  note : minigames may be awfully broken and will most likely be rebalanced
§  active buffs are now saved
§  the background selector is now functional
§  the top menu no longer scrolls with the rest
§  timespans are written nicer
§  some old bugs were phased out and replaced by new ones
2.002Golden Cookies Overhaul2016-07-24§  same as the beta
§  Sometimes freezes and you have to log out of the game
2.002(beta)Golden Cookies Overhaul2016-06-28§  golden cookies and reindeer now follow a new system involving explicitly defined buffs
§  a bunch of new golden cookie effects have been added
§  CpS gains from eggs are now multiplicative
§  shiny wrinklers are now saved
§  reindeer have been rebalanced ever so slightly
§  added a new cookie upgrade near the root of the heavenly upgrade tree; this is intended to boost early ascensions and speed up the game as a whole
§  new particle effect – purchased flavored cookie upgrades now fall from the top of the screen
§  due to EU legislation, implemented a warning message regarding browser cookies; do understand that the irony is not lost on us
§  the cookie production stats per building reset bugfix was now applied to the game
2.001(beta)Golden Cookie Update2016-04-22§  reworked golden cookies and reindeer, allowing for some fun new effects
§  this is break your Cookie Clicker plugins – deactivate them before playing until they’re updated!
§  feedback regarding balance and bugs involving golden cookies and reindeer is very much appreciated!
§  have fun, and thank you for your continued support!
§  ps : we fixed that bug where cookie production stats per building would randomly reset
2.0Legacy2016-02-08§  3 new buildings: banks, temples, and wizard towers; these have been added in-between existing buildings and as such, may disrupt some building-related achievements
§  the ascension system has been redone from scratch, with a new heavenly upgrade tree
§  mysterious new features such as angel-powered offline progression, challenge runs, and a cookie dragon
§  sounds have been added (can be disabled in the options)
§  heap of rebalancing and bug fixes
§  a couple more upgrades and achievements, probably
§  fresh new options to further customize your cookie-clicking experience
§  quality-of-life improvements: better bulk-buy, better switches etc
§  added some general polish
§  tons of other little things we can’t even remember right now
1.9 betaLegacy part II2015-12-20§  We took so long to make this update, Cookie Clicker Turned 2 years old in the meantime! Hurray!
§  heaps of new upgrades and achievements
§  Fixed a whole bunch of bugs
§  did a whole lot of rebalancing
§  reworked heavenly chips and heavenly cookies (still experimenting, will probably rebalance things further
§  you may now unlock a dragon friend
§  switches and season triggers now have their own store section
§  ctrl-s and ctrl-o now save the game and open the import menu, respectively
§  added some quick sounds, just as a test
§  even more miscellaneous changes and additions
1.0466A Moveable Feast2014-10-29§  just a quick patch for automatic season-checking; Halloween, Christmas and others should now trigger automatically
§  still working on prestige update!
§  we’ve been working with Artix on a dragon-themed mobile idle game,
1.050 betsLegacy part I2014-08-25§  3 new buildings
§  price and CpS curves revamped
§  CpS calculations revamped; cookie upgrades now stack multiplicatively
§  prestige system redone from scratch, with a whole new upgrade tree
§  added some general polish
§  tons of other miscellaneous fixes and additions
§  Cookie Clicker is now 1 year old!
1.04652014-05-18§  The chances of getting easter upgrades from wrinklers is nerfed; while the chances of getting them from golden cookies is buffed significantly
§  The live version is 1.0465 (while beta version is still 1.0463)
1.0463/1.0464Better late than easter2014-05-18§  Prompts now have keyboard shortcuts like system prompts would
§  Naming your bakery? You betcha
§  “Fast note” option to make all notifications close faster; new button to close all notifications
§  The wrinklers will regenerate its hp; you won’t kill a wrinkler by pressing the golden cookies or reindeers on them anymore
§  The button ‘sell all’ is on the same line with buy 10 and sell 1; therefore you won’t need to use your scroll to sell or buy 10 buildings
1.0452/1.0453Nightmare in heaven2014-04-09§  Broke a thing; heavenly chips were corrupted for some people
§  Will probably update to /beta first in future
§  Sorry again
1.0418Quality of life2014-04-09§  Popups and prompts are much nicer
§  Tooltips on buildings are more informative
§  Implemented a simplified version of the frozen cookie cliker add-on’s short number formatting
§  You can now buy 10 and sell all of a building at a time
§  Tons of optimizations and subtler changes
§  You can now convert your cookies Into clases.
1.0414/1.0416/1.0417Pity the Fool2014-04-04§  Wrinklers are saved when refreshing or exporting save
§  Lots of new Achievements!
§  Ridiculously large Cookie Chains
§  You now properly win 1 cookie upon reaching 10 billion cookies and making it on the local news
§  Miscellaneous fixes and tiny additions
§  Added a few very rudimentary mod hooks
§  The game should work again in Opera
1.0413Foolin’ Around2014-03-31§  April Fools Update
§  Minor Bug Fixes (Including the resetting seasons bug)
§  Removed Reindeer that spawns when you first switch to Christmas mode
§  Added Centennial and a Half Achievement (build 150 of everything)
§  Changed the Season switch from based on you CPS to based on how many times you have changed seasons
1.04112014-02-14§  Minor bug fixes
1.041Lovely rainbowcalypse2014-02-14
§  You can now trigger seasonal events to your heart’s content (upgrade unlocks at 5000 heavenly chips)
§  New ultra-expensive batch of seasonal cookie upgrades you’ll love to hate
§  Added Bicentennial Achievement (build 200 of everything)
§  New timer bars for golden cookie buffs
§  Technical stuff: the game is now saved through localstorage instead of browser cookies, therefore ruining a perfectly good pun
1.0403Merry fixmas2013-12-23§  Some issues with christmas upgrades have been fixed
§  Reindeer cookie drop are now more common
§  Reindeers are now reindeer
1.04022013-12-20§  Everyone is happy and can play again
§  Fixed the stuck on loading screen which was a bug in 1.0401
§  More upgrades?
1.04012013-12-20§  ?
§  Updating may cause game to not load
1.04Christmas is here2013-12-20§  There is now a festive new evolving upgrade in store
§  Added a new option to warn you when you close the window, so you don’t lose your un-popped wrinkles
§  Also added a separate option for displaying cursors.
§  All the Halloween features are still there (and having the Spooky cookies achievements makes the Halloween cookies drop much more often)
§  Oh yeah, we now have cookie clicker achievements, shirts (they’re really rad)
1.03932013-10-29§  Wrinkles no longer really useless
1.03922013-10-29§  ?
1.03912013-10-28§  Added the link to Candy Box 2 webpage in the update history
1.039Spooky update2013-10-28§  The Grandmapocalypse now spawns wrinklers, hideous elderly creatures that damage your CpS when they reach your big cookie. Thankfully, you can click on them to make them explode (you might even gain back the cookies they’ve swallowed – with interest!).
Wrath cookie clicker now 27% spookier
§  Some other stuff
§  You should totally go check out candy box 2, the sequel to the game that inspired Cookie Clicker
1.0383It’s a secret2013-10-15§  Added a new heavenly upgrade that gives you 5% of your heavenly chips power for 11 cookies (if you purchased the Heavenly key, you might need to buy it again, sorry)
§  Golden cookie chains should now work properly
1.0382Player-friendly2013-10-15§  Heavenly upgrades are now way, way cheaper
§  Tier 5 building upgrades are 5 times cheaper
§  cursors now just plain disappear with Fancy Graphics off, I might add a proper option to toggle only the cursors later
§  Warning : the cookie moster add-on seems to be buggy with this update, you might want to wait until its programmer updates it
1.0381A couple fixes2013-10-15§  Golden cookies should no longer spawn embarrassingly often
§  cursors now stop moving if Fancy Graphics is turned off
1.038Going for the gold2013-10-14§  golden cookie chains work a bit differently
§  golden cookie spawns are more random
§  CpS achievements are no longer affected by golden cookie frenzies
§  Revised cookie-baking achievement requirements
§  Heavenly chips cookie clicker now require upgrades to function at full capacity
§  Added 4 more cookie upgrades, unlocked after reaching certain amounts of Heavenly chips
§  Speed baking achievements now require you to have no heavenly upgrades; as such, they have been reset for everyone (along with the Hardcore achievement) to better match their initially intended difficulty
§  Made good progress on the mobile port
1.0375Smoothing it out2013-10-01§  Changed tab icon
§  Some visual effects have been completely rewritten and should now run more smoothly (and be less CPU-intensive).
§  New upgrade tier
§  New milk tier
§  Cookie chains have different capping mechanics
§  Antimatter condensers are back to their previous price
§  Heavenly chips now give +2% CpS again (they will be extensively reworked in the future)
§  Farms have been buffed a bit (to popular demand)
§  Dungeons still need a bit more work and will be released soon – we want them to be just right! (you can test an unfinished version in the beta)
§  Added new achievements and upgrades for each building.
§  Added more Shadow achievements. Speed baking.
1.037 betaDungeon beta2013-09-28§  Maximum price of Elder pledge is now 814(4,398,046,511,104) (was 813 (549,755,813,888))
§  Heavenly chips now give 1% per chip (was 2%)
§  Kitten oversees now multiplies by 100% + 20% of milk (was 30%)
§  Golden Cookie effect Click Frenzy now has double the chance (10%) to be added to the list of possibilities (was 5%)
§  Golden Cookie effect Chain Cookie now extends to 15 (was 13), ends when cookies given exceeds 50% of bank (was 100% of bank)
§  Antimatter Condenser now cost 4,999,999,999 at first (was 3,999,999,999)
§  Dungeons unlock at 50 factories
§  Added flavor text to upgrades.
§  There are now 100 Achievements (91 normal and 9 Shadow Achievements (Was 88 and 4)
§  Neverclick is now a normal Achievement
§  Maximum Milk is now 364% (was 352%)
§  Elder Convenantprice is now 66,666,666,666,665 instead of 6,666,666,666,665
1.036012013-09-29§  Added a “Try the beta!” Button so you can try the next update.
1.036Anticookies2013-09-15§  Added Antimatter Condensers
§  Renamed “Hard reset” to “Wipe save”
§  Reset achievements are no longer shadow
§  Heavenly slightly nerfed
§  Golden Cookie clicks are no longer reset by soft-resets
§  “Game started” stat added
§  Leprechaun is no longer shadow
1.035Everlasting cookies2013-09-08§  Added a prestige system – resetting gives you permanent CpS boosts
§  Save format has been slightly modified to take less space
§  Leprechaun has been bumped to 777 golden cookies clicked and is now shadow
§  Fortune is the new 77 golden cookies achievement
§  Clicking frenzy is now x777
1.034Smarter cookie2013-09-04§  Adjusted Golden Cookie probabilities
§  Added a new Golden Cookie upgrade
§  Elder Pledge upgrade added
§  Quintillion Fingers Upgrade is now twice as efficient
§  Uncanny Clicker is no longer a shadow achievement and doesn’t require world record clicking speed
1.0332013-09-02§  Elder Covenant costs less to revoke
§  Grandmas now need 15 matching buildings
§  Bottom Cursor bug has been fixed with new cursor layout
§  Faster graphics option added for slower computers
§  Save encoding has been redone to fix older browser saving capability
§  Cookie clicker shadow Achievements have their own section
§  Raspberry Juice has been renamed to Raspberry Milk
§  Some hotfixes to sort out small bugs
1.0322013-09-01§  Sorted Achievements and Upgrades in Stats Panel
§  Elder Covenant less harmful to CpS
§  Importing from Cookie Clicker Classic disabled
§  Starting the Grandmapocalypse by purchasing the ‘One Mind’ upgrade now has a warning
1.0312013-08-31§  Added a way to permanently stop the Grandmapocalypse using the Elder Covenant toggle upgrade,
§  Elder Pledge now has a price cap
§  Elder pledge related achievement
§  Bingo Center researchable upgrades now more powerful
§  Golden Cookie reappears during Grandmapocalyse, along with the Red Cookie
1.032013-08-31§  Grandmapocalypse is back, along with more grandma types
§  Upgrades that boost your clicking power
§  Clicking Achievements made harder
1.0242013-08-28§  Some new Achievements
§  Reworked the “Bake X cookies” achievements so they take longer to achieve
1.0232013-08-27§  Made some achievements hidden
1.0222013-08-27§  Achievements and Milk added
1.0212013-08-26§  More Upgrades (especially Cookie types)
§  Clicking Stats now available
1.022013-08-26§  Cursor upgrades adjusted
§  Time Machines less powerful
§  Offline Mode added
1.0112013-08-25§  Rebalanced Buildings
§  More Upgrades
§  Ability to sell buildings via Sell button
§  Golden Cookie more useful
1.012013-08-24§  Import and Export Save
§  Update Log
§  Upgrade store now has unlimited slots
1.02013-08-24§  Complete overhaul of game:
§  Graphics and user interface updated
§  Upgrades added
§  Saving now safer
§  See 1.0 Update for full list of changed or added features
02013-08-08§  Initial Release of Cookie Clicker (Classic Version)
§  Please note that Cookie Clicker Classic Updates are not mentioned here

Cookie Clicker Achievements

Achievements are the badges someone earns for achieving the goals. Cookie clicker has lots of achievements from the Version1.026 to version 2.012. we have categorized cookie clicker achievements.

Cookie Clicker Normal achievements

Cookie achiev 01 v15Wake and bakeBake 1 cookie in one ascension.0
Cookie achiev 02 v15Making some doughBake 1,000 cookies in one ascension.1
Cookie achiev 03 v15So baked right nowBake 100,000 cookies in one ascension.2
Cookie achiev 04 v15Fledgling bakeryBake 1 million cookies in one ascension.3
Cookie achiev 05 v15Affluent bakeryBake 100 million cookies in one ascension.4
Cookie achiev 06 v15World-famous bakeryBake 1 billion cookies in one ascension.5
Cookie achiev 07 v15Cosmic bakeryBake 100 billion cookies in one ascension.6
Cookie achiev 08 v15Galactic bakeryBake 1 trillion cookies in one ascension.7
Cookie achiev 09 v15Universal bakeryBake 100 trillion cookies in one ascension.8
Cookie achiev 10 v15Timeless bakeryBake 1 quadrillion cookies in one ascension.9
Cookie achiev 11 v15Infinite bakeryBake 100 quadrillion cookies in one ascension.10
Cookie achiev 12 v15Immortal bakeryBake 1 quintillion cookies in one ascension.11
Cookie achiev 13 v15Don’t stop me nowBake 100 quintillion cookies in one ascension.12
Cookie achiev 14 v15You can stop nowBake 1 sextillion cookies in one ascension.13
Cookie achiev 15 v15Cookies all the way downBake 100 sextillion cookies in one ascension.14
Cookie achiev 16 v15OverdoseBake 1 septillion cookies in one ascension.15
Cookie achiev 17 v15How?Bake 100 septillion cookies in one ascension.223
Cookie achiev 18 v15The land of milk and cookiesBake 1 octillion cookies in one ascension.224
Cookie achiev 19 v15He who controls the cookies controls the universeBake 100 octillion cookies in one ascension.
“The milk must flow!”
Cookie achiev 20 v15Tonight on HoardersBake 1 nonillion cookies in one ascension.226
Cookie achiev 21 v15Are you gonna eat all that?Bake 100 nonillion cookies in one ascension.227
Cookie achiev 22 v15We’re gonna need a bigger bakeryBake 1 decillion cookies in one ascension.228
Cookie achiev 23 v15In the mouth of madnessBake 100 decillion cookies in one ascension.
“A cookie is just what we tell each other it is.”
Cookie achiev 24 v15Brought to you by the letter MoneyBake 1 undecillion cookies in one ascension.230
Cookie1The dreams in which I’m baking are the best I’ve ever hadBake 100 undecillion cookies in one ascension.279
Cookie-achiev-20Set for lifeBake 1 duodecillion cookies in one ascension.280
Panic at nabiscoPanic! at NabiscoBake 100 duodecillion cookies in one ascension.372
Bursting at the seamsBursting at the seamsBake 1 tredecillion cookies in one ascension.373
Just about fullJust about fullBake 100 tredecillion cookies in one ascension.374
Hungry for moreHungry for moreBake 1 quattuordecillion cookies in one ascension.375
CookieProduction31Feed me, OrteilBake 100 quattuordecillion cookies in one ascension.390
CookieProduction32And then what?Bake 1 quindecillion cookies in one ascension.391

Cookie Clicker beta achievements

DungeonbasicGetting even with the ovenDefeat the Sentient Furnace in the factory dungeons.96
DungeonbasicNow this is pod-smashingDefeat the Ascended Baking Pod in the factory dungeons.97
ChirpedoutChirped outFind and defeat Chirpy, the dysfunctioning alarm bot.98
WhiterabbitFollow the white rabbitFind and defeat the elusive sugar bunny.99

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievements

 [Collapse] ID 
Four-leaf cookieFour-leaf cookieHave 4 golden cookies simultaneously.
“Fairly rare, considering cookies don’t even have leaves.”
Golden sugar lumpAll-natural cane sugarHarvest a golden sugar lump.271
One with everything v15Endless cycleAscend 1,000 times.
“Oh hey, it’s you again.”
CheatedCookieCheated cookies taste awfulHack in some cookies.70
OrteilHeadNewGod complexName yourself Orteil.
Note: usurpers incur a -1% CpS penalty until they rename themselves something else.
“But that’s not you, is it?”
Third partyThird-partyUse an add-on.
“Some find vanilla to be the most boring flavor.”
Rainbow cookieWhen the cookies ascend just rightAscend with exactly 1 trillion cookies.397
SpeedbakingISpeed baking IGet to 1 million cookies baked in 35 minutes.93
SpeedbakingIISpeed baking IIGet to 1 million cookies baked in 25 minutes.94
SpeedbakingIIISpeed baking IIIGet to 1 million cookies baked in 15 minutes.95
Arrow special v15True NeverclickMake 1 million cookies with no cookie clicks.
“This kinda defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it?”
JustPlainLuckyJust plain luckyYou have 1 chance in 500,000 every second of earning this achievement.104
LastChanceToSeeAchievementIcon2Last Chance to SeeBurst the near-extinct shiny wrinkler.
“You monster!”
Grimoireicons 03So much to do so much to seeManage a cookie legacy for at least a year.
“Thank you so much for playing Cookie Clicker!”

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