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How to Install Paid and Free Hacked Games on iOS 9 10 11 without Jailbreak

many people who are using iPhone or iOS want to download and install paid and Free Hacked games and applications for free there are lots of where available for iOS users to use bad games for free but here we are going to say how they can install paid games without Jailbreak on iOS 9 10 or 11. If you want to install hack paid games on your iOS without Jailbreak then follow the steps mentioned here.
This is a big question for the iOS users how to get free apps without jailbreaking on iOSdevices along with this they want to install hacked games for iOS devices. This article is important for every iOS users because they want to know about download paid apps for free iOS without jailbreak. And they will be able to know how to get free games on iPhone and iOS devices.
Install Paid and Hacked Apps for Free
This Article is Gold for those people who want to get paid apps for free ios no jailbreak.This is the reason that we are going to share cracked app store no jailbreak for iOS and iPhone user and iPhone hacks without jailbreaking.

Install hacked paid games and applications for iOS 9 10 11

This article is about how to download apps on iPhone without app store which will help you to use free hacked games for iOS and iPhone devices.
  • First, use Safari browser for start this process on your iPhone or iPad and also use a good internet connection.
  • Now download Chinese app store from the given download link.
  • There is a sign of going on that Chinese app store clicks on that sign and you will get a huge list of hacked applications and games which are paid on App Store but here they will be free.
  • Now select the game or application you want to use on your iPhone and download this game.
  • You can also search for any more applications here and if you get that you can download it for free.
  • This app store is available in the Chinese language so if you want to use it you have to identify the applications and games by their logos and icons.
  • Once you find the application which you want to download click on the given Orange button that will ask you for permission on your iPhone give permission and select install and then press the home button back.
  • After downloading the application and when you start to use you will get an error which is named by untrusted enterprise developer so you have to dismiss this error and allow to install this application on your way smartphone.
  • go to settings of your mobile>> general and click on Device management or device profile for the given option and select insight advertising profile.
  • now you can use any cab or application which you want to download and install on your mobile phone without Jailbreak.
here you can install any application or game from the given website and after that it will work on your smartphone without asking for any trust and this way you can use all paid applications and hacked games for free with this method but sometimes this method does not work for iOS 9 so you have to use an alternate method for this.
Important: If you see any processing circle next to the WiFi icon then you have to know that there is an application or game is downloading so you don’t have to panic pic or sometimes this website at a little weird. now here we are sharing the updated alternative method of using the for IOS 9.

Paid and Free Hacked Games and Applications on iOS 9 for free without Jailbreak

This article completely based on How to get free hacked games for iOS and iPhone devices this is the reason people will be able to know after this article how to get apps for to install Minecraft hacks also included in the list.
  • the first thing I want to tell you that if you are going to use hacked or paid games and applications for free on your iOS 9 or iOS 10 then you have to know that hacked or paid game for free on any device comes under the radar of piracy.  we want to tell you that if you do not want to take any reach them do not use any hacked or paid games using this method if you still want to use then our website or us are not responsible for any problem you face while using these applications.
  • if you still want to download and install paid games for free hacked games and applications for free on IOS 9 and 10 then follow these given steps each by each and carefully.
  • you have to use a Windows or Mac computer.
  • download and install the latest version of iTunes software on your computer.
  • you have to a good working internet connection with a lighting cable.
  • Use Your computer’s Browser to download the vShare application on your PC.
  • Download the Vshare Application by clicking on the download button on your computer.
  • now open the Vshare and make sure that it is not installing any driver and if it’s installing any driver then wait for finish it and after that restart your computer.
  • now click on the install Vshare button When iOS 9 or 10 devices is connected to your computer.
  • Why this way Vshare will get installed on your iOS 9 10 devices and you can see the Vshare icon on a home screen of your device.
  • Now open it and search for any application you want to download or install on your iOS 9 and 10.  any app will do.
  • now click on reauthorization button from your computer.  now kill the vShare application on iPhone and open it and search for this free application and it should not show app store take.
  • after when you will able to reauthorize vShare Application you can disconnect your iPhone or iOS device from your computer and now you can directly install paid applications and games for free on your iOS 9 and 10 without Jailbreak.
  • these are some basic methods which are working great with iOS 9 and IOS 10 to install paid and hacked games and applications for free on IOS device but still if you face any problem to download and install these apps and applications and dams on your iOS 9 and 10 then here we are going to share an alternative method of both of these given methods you can use this alternate method for install hacked games on iOS 9 10 device.

Alternative Method to Install Paid and Hacked Games for iOS 9 and 10

in this method you do not need to any jailbreak or any computer and also this is one of the easiest method which you can use still I want to say that if you don’t want to face any problem then please don’t install hacked or paid game on your device or if you want to do do it on your own risk we are not responsible for any problem you have faced with this.
  1. first, download Safari Browser on your iPhone or iOS device.
  2. Click on the Given link for Install free App Store.
  3. Now open this App Store and you will see a list of applications that you can download and install on your device.
  4. simply click on the game or application you want to install then give the permission to install this application on your iPhone device.
  5. now it will show you up on the home screen on your iPhone. Now go to settings>> general>> profile>> device management and just look for the untrusted developer to trust them.  now you can go back to the home screen of your iOS device launched the game you want to play with unlimited coins gems and what not.

How to install hack and paid games on iOS 10.2 and older without Jailbreak and without computer

this is one of the best and latest method which you can use to download and install 600 + hacked game and paid applications for free on your iOS device without Jailbreak and also you do not need to have a computer and it’s working with all version of iPhone itself.
  1. first you need to download or use Safari Browser on your iPhone and then download the given app store on your iPhone using Safari.
  2. sometimes you need to fill the captcha according to your IP address.
  3. Now if you will get the list of all paid games and applications zoom on the page and click on the image or icon of that application or game which you want to download and install on your iPhone while installing you will ask for permission via a popup on your iPhone.
  4. click on the install button and now press the home button on the home screen you will be able to find all apps being installed.
  5. after that go to settings>> general>> profile and provide trust all the profile which are associated with the games and applications which you want to download and install on your iOS device.
now come back to home screen of your iPhone on iOS device and enjoy the paid and hacked game an application which you want to use on your iPhone for free.


This is the quick and best tutorial for the users who want to use Free Hacked Games on their iOS Devices and Also this article will help the user to find best Methods for Install Paid Games and Hacked Apps for iOS and iPhone devices.And user will able to know how to download Minecraft hacks and How to get paid games for free.
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